Khanyi Mbau also unclear of relationship

Khanyi Mbau is unclear regarding her relationship status with Tebogo Lerole as she herself is also trying to figure out exactly what’s going on.

Rob Kardashian blasts ex-girlfriend?

Rob Kardashian hit out at his 'Cheetah Girls' ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon - who claims dating him hurt her career and that he cheated on her.

Kendall Jenner wants Harry Styles back

Kendall Jenner is reportedly determined to win back Harry Styles as she regrets breaking up with him this year and feels that he is 'the one'.

Why did Orlando Bloom hit Justin Bieber?

Why did Orlando Bloom try to hit Justin Bieber? Could it have something to do with Orlando's ex-wife, or was he just simply in a really bad mood?